World-famous 34 mm dome-tweeter used by British Broadcasting Corporation BBC! Companies like Spendor and Rogers used this model in their world-renowned studio-monitors. Natural strong tone-colours. NO Ferrofluid. Solid ALU-Faceplate.
Measurements and manufacturing are first-class - typical tolerance band is within +- 0,7 dB! This is the result of a very precise, well controlled and costly hand-manufacturing.

Latest analysis of response-curves in year 2006 ended up with a new, improved textile and revised coating-process to avoid the alltime present 13 kHz peak wished by the BBC! This issue is solved now with XP-version and response not only flattened out, but also extended beyond 20 kHz.

As of now (07-2018) TW034XP will be replaced by XP-D (Damping). We have filled in a felt damping in the cavity below the air gap. As a result, the dip ~2 kHz caused by the cavity-resonance is improved, also waterfall / Etc was slighty optimized. Resonance is reduced to 700 Hz.

Technical Data

Nominal Impedance : 8 Ohm
Frequency Range : > 1.600 Hz
SPL 2,83 V/1m : 93,0 dB
Fs : 700 Hz
Xmax : 0,25 +- mm
Rdc : 5,3 Ohm
Weight : 1,2 Kg

Price: 103,00 EUR

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