BG-Radia Corp. Information


due to a completely changed situation, we will not order BG drivers any more, since these all have to be selected extensively.

The situation is as follows:

BG-Radia was sold end of 2014 and we would now have to buy very large quantities directly from the manufacturer in the Philippines.
Before that, we have received specially selected drivers, which were tested again before shipment by BG in USA.
Since BG also could not work with the high tolerances for its own production, especially Neo3 models, BG selected to +/- 1.5 dB in advance.

We then again selected to max. +/- 1.2 dB on our own test site, as a tolerance of +/- 3 dB up to DOA (Dead on arrival) is delivered ex works!

From 100 pieces the outcome often was only 30 pieces of really good drivers. This is too delicate without BG, as there defective drivers were replaced.
This method will no longer work, as the new owner is not interested in small OEM customers, and even less in the micro DIY business!

If you order from PE (Parts-Express USA), you get "standard" - from 10 pieces you probably can find 2 to 4 suitable...

Quite frankly, this tolerance problem is prominent with many magnetostats, ribbons and AMT drivers - none of the requested manufacturers wanted to guarantee a rather narrow tolerance limit of <  +/- 1.5 dB.
That's why we are now using only those dome-tweeters and horn drivers that fully meet our requirements.

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